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Our Most Popular Promotional Product Catalogs

Promotional Items are a great way to increase and or promote your business. We have some great suppliers to help you with this. Order from 1 to 10,000.
Write On uses several of the most popular Promotional Imprinting Companies in the US. Feel free to visit their sites and get ideas.


Can Coolers




Promotional Products


Huge Selection-From 1 to 1000

Snugz USA

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Building your Brand

Decals, Magnets, Signs, Labels
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DIRECT ORDER SITE. Our most recommended site, with thousands of promotional product choices and customization options

Distributor of customized promotional products. Including calendars, awards, drink ware, magnets, bags and much more. Quarterly Specials so check back often.

Distributor of customized pens, notepads, magnets, sticky notes.

Constant Exposure

By providing your potential customers with something they can take home, attach to their cars, or use at their offices, then you have guaranteed yourself a daily commercial that people won’t fast forward.  When you give them a promotional product, you are creating a walking billboard, that will be seen by your clients as well as by everyone around them.

Long-Lasting Investment

Yes, flyers are easy to design and cheap to reproduce, but they are also ineffective when it comes to creating a long-lasting relationship with a potential customer.  People are far less likely to throw away something useful like a pen, calendar or mug.

Creative Impact

Promotional products help companies connect with people on many levels, and help you to reach customers in a way that billboards, commercials and radio spots can not. By providing them with an obligation-free product you can engrave your company’s logo and slogan in their mind!

Why Use Promotional Products?


One of the easiest and least expensive ways to reach out to a number of people is to hand out promotional products in a public place.  It costs nothing beyond the time and manpower necessary to physically hand out the items. On the downside, people are often in a hurry and may not give your or your product its due attention.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are fantastic places to distribute your promotional items! Your potential customer is already interested in your product or industry.  

Grand Openings

Grand openings are the perfect place to reach people!  You'll draw crowds if you promote a sale, discount, or incentive to attend the grand opening.

Where to hand out Promotional Products? How to Use Promotional Products?


Whether you’re promoting a specific event or just trying to increase brand awareness for your company, promotional products provide a great way to get information  to potential customers.

Employee Incentives

Nothing motivates employees like receiving rewards for their hard work!  Promotional items don't necessarily have to be logo pens and mugs; employee rewards could extend to trophies, briefcases, and other high-ticket items!

Customer Prizes/Loyalty/Coupons

Introduce a contest that features one of your own imprinted products as a prize! Encourage repeat business by turning a promotional product into a coupon. Or follow up a sale with a thank you gift.